MonoX is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains — Polygon. Polygon (formerly Matic Network) is a framework for building interoperable blockchain networks on Ethereum.

The Ethereum blockchain has created a financial system unlike anything the world has seen before, but it suffers from some well-documented scalability problems. Currently high GAS fees create many problems for users because the cost of interacting with smart contracts deployed to the Ethereum mainnet becomes so expensive. Essential DeFi products such as swapping and borrowing/lending are currently so expensive to use that many users have been priced out of participating…

Expected launch Q2 2021*

We are excited to present you with the next generation of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols — MonoX

MonoX is a new breed of Automated Market Maker in the DeFi arena. We have built a new AMM using a single token pool design. It works by grouping deposited tokens into a virtual pair with our own vUSD stable coin.

MonoX will revolutionize the DeFi ecosystem by fixing the capital inefficiencies of current protocol models. If you want lower trading fees, capital efficiency, and launch a token with zero capital — then you are in the right place…

We are moving closer and closer to the launch of MonoX and we hope you are as excited as we are.

We are fully committed to launching Decentralized Finance into a new realm and MonoX is the ticket. The concepts and ideas behind MonoX are unique in almost every way, single token liquidity, virtual USD stablecoins, tiered liquidity pools, these are just some of the brilliant ideas and functions that fuel MonoX.

Since the beginning, we have had the DeFi community at the core of our mission. MonoX exists to bridge the gap between the crypto-classes and level the playing…

We are two weeks into our public beta. The response from the community has been overwhelming. Our team has been impressed by the quality of submissions and enjoyed identifying issues with the community. Together, we have been able to optimize our product very efficiently and our mainnet is certainly on track for next month, which gives us much excitement.

Last Friday, we also deployed on Mumbai (Polygon Testnet) and have seen very encouraging user metrics over the past four days. We also were able to identify and solve some key issues over the weekend thanks to your help.

Overall, we…

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the MonoX Testnet program!

A $20,000 reward pool of $MONO will be distributed amongst participants for engaging in various activities.

Eligibility: Anybody is open to participate.

*EDIT* Duration: The testing period will begin today, at this very moment and will continue for *UNTIL JULY 4TH*. So users can test on Mumbai (Polygon’s) Testnet.

We have activities for users to test key functionalities as well as bug bounties for any feedback or bugs found when testing.


  1. Adding Liquidity ($ETH)
  2. Removing Liquidity ($ETH)
  3. Swap $ETH for $MONO
  4. Add Liquidity for a new token


We are happy to report that between May 15th and May 16th, the DoraHacks Web3 blockchain hackathon was successfully held in Austin, Texas, USA. Participants had the chance to show off their skills and abilities and a $21,000 prize pool was distributed to all projects from this hackathon via quadratic funding and direct voting.

Co-hosted by Multicoin Capital, Hypersphere Ventures, Krypital Group, Fundamental Labs, Celo, Ethereum Austin, Crust, Findora and Moonbeam. …

MonoX is thrilled to announce that Halborn Security will be taking up a position as our third-party security advisors. Halborn Security are in the process of auditing our smart contracts, a full report will be published once complete.

Who is Halborn Security?

Halborn Security is an award-winning cybersecurity firm that specializes in security services for blockchain companies.

MonoX Protocol x Halborn Security

Halborn Security will provide thorough analysis of our smart contracts in order to correct design issues, errors in the code, or identify security vulnerabilities. Performing both manual analysis and automated testing to make sure MonoX Protocol is ready for mainnet. …

There is no denying, the traditional IDO path has many advantages over other fundraising methods; be that as it may, pros always come with cons…

IDO platforms are all the craze of crypto right now, IDOs are the ICOs of 2020/21. Nowadays, most projects looking to raise money for liquidity will initially launch on an IDO platform in the hopes of tapping into a massive user bank. There is no denying, the traditional IDO path has many advantages over other fundraising methods; be that as it may, pros always come with cons.

There is one major disadvantage of traditional IDOs…

How Much $$$ Do You Really Need To Launch Your Project?

As cryptocurrency and decentralized finance becomes more mainstream, more and more innovators are looking to launch their projects into the crypto space. Unfortunately, the giant many of these innovators face is the struggle to finance their projects.

Now you could argue and say that these projects can just opt for an IDO. However, many of the new crypto projects are leaning towards “fair launches” of their projects in order to attract more interest from small investors and avoid a reliance on seed capital from private investors.

What Is A Fair Launch?

In simple terms…

In 2020 Decentralized Finance (DeFi) became one of the most influential vectors for value creation within the blockchain industry. After weathering the bear market post-ICO boom, DeFi emerged as a catalyst for substantial capital allocation back into the blockchain space. DeFi has proved to be an extremely strong product-market fit for blockchain technology. Total Value Locked (TVL) in the space has grown from 700m at the start of 2020 to over 50bn at the start of Q2 2021.

The DeFi sector is developing rapidly, despite that, users still face problems that prevent mass adoption of decentralized finance. …

Team MonoX

We have built a new AMM using a single token pool design. It works by grouping deposited tokens into a virtual pair with our own vUSD stable coin.

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